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About FD

FD is an online magazine registered with the Court of Reggio Emilia under number 2774 of December 6, 2013.

FD was founded in 2011 by Enrico Maria Davoli and Marco Lazzarato. It is directed by Enrico Maria Davoli. Editorial staff: Lorenza Bronzoni, Enrico Maria Davoli, Bruno Manfredini. Webmaster: Guido Davoli.

FD deals with criticism, theory and practice of decoration and ornamentation, considered in the light of their historical tradition, current and future perspectives, and relationships with other arts.

FD publishes articles and essays focusing on artistic-cultural issues of particular relevance, from the perspective of architectural and urban decorum in particular, and, more generally, decorum of the artifacts.

FD also publishes theoretical, didactic and popular texts, reviews of books, exhibitions and events of various kinds, and gives space to columns focusing on the historical repertoire of decoration, as well as analysis, criticism and satire of customs, behaviors, cultural clichés.

FD regularly publishes texts or parts of texts (pointing out their provenance in such a way that the reader can trace the full version) by authors of the present and the past, capable of speaking to those who cultivate the themes and problems of which the magazine deals with.

FD does not impose prescriptive and unambiguous editorial criteria. Depending on the nature of the subject matter and the key of interpretation (informative, monographic, theoretical-philosophical) to which a text most lends itself, the editors and the author of the text agree from time to time on the best version that can be published. Footnotes and bibliographical apparatus are welcome and sometimes indispensable, but they should not become ends in themselves, to the point of undermining or even overpowering, as is often the case in academic literature, the main text. Good use of the written language and intellectual honesty with the reader are much more important requirements.

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